Partnership functions

Simple integration

The most simple integration could be by using the following link, that should include params like btc wallet address, amount, currency (CARDEUR or CARDUSD), your partner name and discount id. Link for example: https://indacoin.com/change?addrOut=1FeGgKxU5gjC562wZXd67VTVfwcSjpqv3Y&amount_pay=100&cur_from=CARDEUR&cur_to=BTC&partner=your_partner_name&discount=1000

Tight integration

Please describe your business, the size of your company and your interest in a co-operation with Indacoin. Get in touch with [email protected] to receive further information.


The logic is the following

  • Check the limit of the user (it will create one if he doesn't exist yet)
  • Further create transaction
  • Forward him to indacoin URL, the user will pay and passes verification
  • Either will pass or not until the end, you should show him URL for finishing verification
  • On your URL arrives a callback in case of failure or success of transaction

To verify that you have a signature - you need to send in headers 'gw-partner', 'gw-nonce', 'gw-sign'. Header gw-sign is formed as HMAC sha256 from partnerName + "_" + nonce

Singature for URL forms just like API's instead of nonce - transaction's ID and also in Base64 encoding

Example of payment form is https://indacoin.com/gw/payment_form?transaction_id=1154&partner=indacoin&cnfhash=Ny8zcXVWbCs5MVpGRFFXem44NWh5SE9xTitlajkydFpDTXhDOVMrOFdOOD0=

Minimum amounts for now is USD 15

Get price

GET https://indacoin.com/api/GetExchangerAmount/{Currency}/{Amount}/{PartnerName}

- receive amount user will get

Parameters in GET:

  • Currency string (usd, euro),
  • Amount - numeric_string,
  • PartnerName - string,

User limits

POST https://indacoin.com/api/exgw_getUserlimits

- receive user's limit (and create if non-existent)

Parameters in json:

  • user_id - string,
  • cur_in string (usd, eur),


POST https://indacoin.com/api/exgw_getTransactions

- receive info about last transactions

Parameters in json:

  • user_id - string,
  • tx_id - string,
  • status - tx_status,
  • created_at - int/timestamp,
  • hash - string (or null),
  • cur_in - string (usd, eur),
  • cur_out - string (btc),
  • amount_in - numeric_string,
  • amount_out - numeric_string,
  • target_address - string,
  • limit - int,
  • offset - int

all parameters are optional

Transaction info

POST https://indacoin.com/api/exgw_gettransactioninfo

- receive transaction's info

Parameters in json:

  • transaction_id - numeric

Create transaction

POST https://indacoin.com/api/exgw_createTransaction

- create new transaction

Parameters in json:

  • user_id -string,
  • cur_in -string(eur,usd),
  • cur_out - string (btc),
  • target_address - string,
  • amount_in -decimal