Market capitalization (of Bitcoin) is a monetary value of bitcoins based on the quantity in circulation and the cryptocurrency’s market value in U.S. dollars.
Bitcoin’s capitalization is directly dependent on its exchange rate and, by extension, its supply and demand equilibrium, issuance, complexity and other factors. Taking into account the fact that mining users generate the issuance, one may conclude that the more capacity is used for mining overall, the higher the issuance.
Summer 2014 brings a new generation of CPU and GPU miners and, since computing power is expanding, complexity must increase as well. Therefore, one can expect a short-lived drop in Bitcoin’s exchange rate (through the fall of 2014) and a subsequent climb in the fourth quarter of 2014.
Today there are several ways to acquire bitcoins: mining, accepting payments in bitcoins at your point of sale, and buying bitcoins on an exchange.
Mining is the most sophisticated approach to acquiring bitcoins because it requires tremendous computing capacity. One has to spend about USD 15,000 for a miner (a mining device) to start recouping expenses quickly.
If you are a store or café owner, it makes sense to consider bitcoins as a means of payment. Such companies as WordPress, WebMoney and Jeep already accept bitcoins (with eBay to follow suit shortly) because they recognize the main advantages of minimum fees and an appeal to a new audience (innovators, tech “geeks,” etc.) However, to integrate Bitcoin payments into your operations, you would need not only a Bitcoin wallet but also a comprehensive upgrade of your store or café’s website to enable Bitcoin transactions. (Keep in mind that this method of obtaining bitcoins is illegal in China and Thailand.)
The simplest way to acquire bitcoins is to buy them. There is no need for an industrial-grade computer or its optimization for working with bitcoins. A Bitcoin wallet is all you need.
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