Indacoin Affiliate Program


There are many ways of collaborating with Indacoin. The Indacoin Partnership Program is for crypto-related companies that are willing to connect the world of cryptocurrencies with traditional fiat money system to increase engagement in the crypto industry. With Indacoin, you will be able to provide your clients with the customized experience of the purchasing crypto with the credit/debit cards.


We have been working in the crypto market since 2013 and have partnered with many respected companies that lead the industry. More than 500 000 clients from more than 190 countries have used our service to purchase cryptocurrencies.


We created an innovative and highly efficient anti-fraud platform with a core technology developed especially for the detection and prevention of fraudulent activities for crypto projects.

Ready‑to‑use solution

Our product might be used by Crypto Wallets, exchangers, blockchain platforms. Indacoin doesn't work with Forex brokers, CFD, binary options, gambling, etc. The platform analyzes crypto wallets to which the cryptocurrency is being sent and will block partners in case of detecting suspicious transactions.

API integration

Using our API, you can let your customers purchase cryptocurrencies instantly from your site. Our anti-fraud platform integrated on your web page or mobile App can also be used as a tool that will let you monitor and filter the payments made on your platform.

Affiliate Programme

Get rewarded for advising Indacoin to other customers. You will be earning up to 3% from the purchases of the referrals.

Are you ready to let your clients buy crypto with a credit/debit card? Please fill out the form and we'll get in touch asap