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Indacoin Invesments

Dear friends, we would like to inform you about extremely important changes on Indacoin. As per December 29, there won’t be automatic payment of the 8% annual interest on your USD deposit on a daily basis. To get a guarantee income, you need to visit “investment” section and invest from $10 to $15 000 for a period from 30 to 365 days. Interest rate varies from 10.76% to 11.98%. We have also decreased the penalty for premature withdrawal from 10% to 5%.



Automatic payment of the 8% annual interest on USD deposit on a daily basis should be active again because all of the withdrawal method is not always available. I also hope the penalty for premature withdrawal should be decreased from 5% to 0%. By thus I think the Indacoin Limited will be great treading platform in the world.


Hello, I'm geek0 and when I saw who you were, I immediately love !! 1. to put on sites and touch a% on sale !!! But myself I wanted to buy bitcoin and ether with my Visa prepaid card but I did not find or ??? I think it's not active right now ??? the sale of BTC by credit card ??? and 2. investment with indiacoin interests me, I came away wanting other precision? I do not understand english, I translate all !!! please be simple or in french! Thank you HELP , SoS - URGENT My WebSite, Earn Bitcoin and list ICO:

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