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Multi-step verification for new users

To prevent fraudulent transactions we must implement a multi-step verification process for credit and debit cards used to pay for bitcoins and litecoins.

New users will have a 50 USD limit on their first transaction. Immediately after the first payment is completed, we will request that you provide an authentication code, which may be obtained from your bank’s customer service center. This information must be provided only once.

The second credit card transaction can be completed on Day 4 after your initial purchase with a 100 USD limit. The limit for Day 7 is 200 USD, 500 USD for Day 10, 700 USD for Day 13, 900 USD for Day 15, and so on up to 2,000 USD per day.

If you cannot obtain the authentication code, you could send us a single video file that includes an image of yourself, your debit or credit card and personal identification. In such a case, already on Day 4 after your initial purchase, you could purchase a cryptocurrency in an amount of up to 1,000 USD per purchase, 2,000 USD per day, and 6,000 USD per week.

We appreciate your cooperation!


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