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Dear Buyer, Please note that due to several complains about merchant DutyFree.IO ( ) for not delivering paid for goods, we warn against buying from this merchant through our site or by sending them bitcoins.
We are not associated or affiliated with the above merchant, since we consider them as scam; and we won't allow our users or clients to buy goods through us or our partners from DutyFree.IO, if we learn about it. If you receive any offers directly or indirectly to buy from DutyFree.IO through Indacoin (Bitcoin payments) , we do not posses any relationship in effect with the above merchant.
Buyers are fully responsible of the risks associated with sending payments to any merchants over the internet and their products. If you have questions or received any unsolicited communication involving us, please do let us know by forwarding it to [email protected] Thank you! Indacoin Team


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