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Initial verification after the first bank card usage

As a friendly reminder, we urge you to prevent fraud by using cards that support the 3D Secure technology. This means that every Internet transaction will be protected with an additional verification check: you enter a secret code that is sent to the mobile phone number you registered with your bank or is printed on an access card that your bank previously issued to you.

In addition, our payment gateway may request the authentication code randomly for new-user transactions. Most Internet banks make this information available as part of the supplementary transaction data. Also, you could always obtain the authentication code by calling your bank’s customer service center.

If you use a 3D Secure card but cannot provide the authentication code, we will require a scan of your bank or credit card’s front side showing the last six digits. (The first 10 digits should be concealed.)

If you use a non-3D Secure card and cannot provide the authentication code, we will require a scan of your photograph, bank or credit card and your passport. Similarly, the first 10 digits of your bank or credit card number should be obscured.

If you do not provide the aforementioned information within 48 hours, your payment will be cancelled automatically and the funds will be returned to your bank or credit card account.

Thank you for your cooperation!



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